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Jiawei Shu, June 9 2021

What you should know about VSCO editor?

People who like mobile photography should be familiar with VSCO editor (called VSCO Cam in the early days). When it was just released, VSCO only included a few filters. Today, it has included hundreds of filters and powerful post-production functions, making it the first choice for countless mobile phone photographers.

If you are new to VSCO editor and are unfamiliar with the basic functions, or do not know what to choose with a large number of filters. Don't worry, this article will help you to get started with VSCO in the shortest time. 

Brief Introduction of VSCO Editor:

When you use VSCO for the first time, you will find that the App is mainly composed of three parts: filters, editing tools, and posting community.


The reason that VSCO is suitable for everyone is that it provides hundreds of filter presets, so that everyone can get good-looking pictures  that matches their preference.  Find more detailed information about preset collection, visit the VSCO website. You could also view and try out the available presets recipes on the VSCO collection page.

Filter selection method 1: "Favourites"

Filter selection method 2: "For this photo"

Editing Tools

Tone adjustment:

Those functions include exposure, contrast, and tone. Those functions are all about adjusting the brightness and darkness as well as the highlights and shadows in the picture to restore the details of the brightest and darkest areas in the picture.


Hue Adjustment:

Those functions include white balance, saturation, split tone and HSL adjustment. White balance can be understood as a colour balance. The adjustment of the white balance is equivalent to applying coloured light to the photo, which can change the warm and cold feeling and the colour tendency of the picture. As for saturation, it is about colour density. 

The split tone is a function of colouring the highlights and dark areas. The so-called cold-warm contrast is also used here.  In addition, HSL is the fine adjustment of colour. Through the adjustment of the colour to achieve the colour balance of the picture.


Other Practical Tips:

After understanding the basic operations and functions of VSCO, in the process of using VSCO, some operational tips can further help you improve the efficiency of retouching.

1. Before and After Comparison

2. Organize Filters and Tools

3. Manage and Add the Recipe

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Jiawei Shu


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