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Jiawei Shu, July 22 2021

Do You Really Know Your iPhone Camera?

Sometimes I’m too lazy to bring a camera when I go out, and I take pictures with my mobile phone. With the deepening of the use of iPhone cameras, I gradually discovered that the iPhone’s built-in camera functions are far more than just pressing the shutter. It also has a lot of fun and powerful functions that have not been used by the public. 

1. Picture Composition Tool- Grid

 I believe that many people have already know about this function. Turning on grid can help us better compose photos. How to open Grid? Open "Settings"-"Camera"-"Grid", you can easily turn it on.

Using the grid, you can apply different photo composition rules to take more attractive photo. If you want to find more about composition tips, click the video below by COOPH to get more information!

2. Auto Exposure/ Auto Focus Tool

A great advantage of using a mobile phone is that you can directly touch the screen to adjust the exposure you want and the position you want to expose and focus. In the iPhone, just learning to use "exposure" correctly will allow you to take many beautiful photos, especially silhouettes. How should exposure be used in iPhone? 

Turn on the camera, click anywhere on the screen, a small yellow frame will appear, this is the exposure area you want to select. Long press the area you selected, and "Auto Exposure/Focus Lock" will appear, that is, no matter how you move the screen, the camera will always help you lock the exposure and focus in the area you selected.

In addition, when the light is too bright or too dark, we can also pull the small yellow sun next to the yellow frame to adjust the exposure. Pull up to add light, pull down to reduce light, easy to operate.

3. Live Photo Function

One of the most commonly used photo types is now available on almost all mobile phone especially the iPhone. The photo taken with the live mode is turned on is no longer a still picture, but a dynamic picture containing a few seconds before and after you press the shutter. 

In the live photos taken by the iPhone, we can filter the dynamic photos in the "Edit" section and select still photos you wanted from all the actions taken in the photos.

Do you think that shooting in live mode is over? No it can do more!

Imagine when you are standing on an overpass and watching the constant flow of traffic under the bridge, and you want to take long exposure pictures like professional photographer, however, you don't have a camera. No worries! The live mode in the phone will help you take a long exposures photo. You just need to hold the phone firmly, press the shutter, "click". Then open this live photo and choose the long exposure effect, you will get a picture like this:

4. Portrait Mode

The portrait mode can be used to shoot people. Using this mode, the camera will keeps the subject of your photo sharp and crisp while blurring the background, and the phones’ large aperture is comparable to a camera. In addition to shooting people, portrait mode can also be used to shoot cats and dogs with noses and eyes.

5. Time-lapse Mode

Time-lapse photography is very useful. Its main function is to speed up the video. The fast-changing sky and moving star trails that we see in documentaries or variety shows are all the credit of time-lapse photography. 

Shoot Time-lapse on camera is difficult process, people need to set time interval, frequency of shots to make stunning shots. But with the time-lapse function on iPhone, we can easily take beautiful photos like professional! If you have questions regrading how to use the function, check out the video below:


Overall, those tips are  worth your time to learn and play around! If you have any amazing photo editing tips and want to share with us or you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact me through the contact page.

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Jiawei Shu

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